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What Our Clients Are Saying

“It is amazing sometimes to think back about how far technology has progressed in the last 20 years. Thanks to Craig’s dedication, we have been able to match the right technology with our business needs.  He has taken us through several conversions over the years, and he and the staff at Accord Communications have always made it an effortless process for us. With a calm professional attitude and exceptional work ethic, Craig gives me complete confidence that we get the right product at the right price at the right time.  

Once that technology is put into place, he offers us a commitment to service that keeps our business running smooth. Craig is always looking toward our future needs, and he helps us plan our next steps when it comes to meeting our communication needs.”

Cameron M. Dean, CFO, Querbes & Nelson - “Providing Insurance to our Community since 1914”



“I've been dealing with Craig since he opened in 1997. At the time, I had my own business, and when I called in Craig, I let him deal with my customers directly. They were all pleased with his work, as was I.  I'm now the I.T. Manager for Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana. Now, at first, not knowing much about Goodwill, you might think, 'well, big deal'. It is a big deal. We have 15 locations, from the Alexandria/Pineville area up through Natchitoches, Shreveport, and across the northern part of the state in Minden, Ruston, Monroe and West Monroe.

I rely on Accord Communications for our phone systems, network and phone cabling, along with other projects such as hanging projectors from ceilings and mounting large screens on walls for the projectors. We have three of our locations, not only joined via VPNs, but also via phone system for direct dialing between locations. I have about 250 end users, all of which rely solid networking which does not happen without first class cabling and set up.

I've relied on Craig for more than 15 years. He's an honest, up front, genuine person who believes in delivering quality workmanship for his customers. I don't even think about calling anyone else. After sale support is second to none. I call, and someone is there to fix a problem. He and his company make my life much easier by being there when needed.

I whole heartedly recommend Accord Communications to anyone. I challenge you to find anyone better.”

Charles E. Hunter, Sr., Goodwill of North Louisiana



“On November 3, 2011, my Cisco Call Manager server failed to reboot. After determining the server suffered a serious hard drive error and could not be restored, I contacted Cisco. I discovered that it would be 15 business days before Cisco could have equipment to my location to replace the broken server. This server controlled phone systems at seven locations. All phone systems were hard down and would not be back in service for 15 business days! 

This was when I initiated a call to Accord Communications. Craig and his staff had all seven locations back on line within 48 hours. He ordered, configured and deployed seven new Avaya IP Office phone systems at seven different locations across three states in 48 hours. He also upgraded several items along the way, i.e. paging, correcting wiring issues, rack systems. This is nothing short of incredible. Craig and his team scored HUGE points in my book. Accord worked around the clock to get my business and 50+ employees back to work. I will be forever grateful to Accord for the hard work they put in this job.” 

J. Peyton Laborde, Wholesale Pump & Supply


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